A Look Back at 2019 – Quotes & Teaching Points

Posted on Dec 11 2019

As we heads towards 2020 and into the very brief break most coaches get at Christmas, we thought we would look back at some of the quotes, teaching points and ideas that so many generous coaches shared in clinics, articles and videos as part of the Basketball Australia Coach Development Program.

“Learning is a change in behaviour due to an experience.” – FIBA World Association of Basketball Coaches president Patrick Hunt in opening the 2019 BA Coaches Conference in Ballarat.

Five S’s of Pick and Roll Play – Mark Radford (Basketball Tasmania High Performance Manager)

  • Starting Point (i.e. if SPR = FT line extended, not pinned to sideline)
  • Set Up (must always be a threat away from screen)
  • Speed (can come off slow/fast – read defence)
  • Separation (both screener and roller)
  • Score (Can I score? Can the roller score? If the answer is NO = throw back)

NBA shooting coach Dave Love presented a host of clinics in Australia in 2019. Here he touches on assessing the jump shot –

“Start with the flight of the ball and work your way backward.”

  • Does it spin purely?
  • Do they get decent arc
  • Which side do they tend to miss to?
  • Id the motion of their body simple and repeatable?

“There is always a better way to do something today than we were doing exceptionally well yesterday,” Alistair Clarkson (Hawthorn coach) from David Parkin’s keynote at the Basketball Australia Coaches Conference

“Engagement with players starts with asking the right questions in the first place.” David Parkin BA Coaches Conference

“Everyone has two wolves inside of them. A wolf that is responsible for anger, fear, depression, anxiety etc and a wolf that is responsible for joy, happiness etc… What wolf wins? The one that we feed.” – Illawarra Hawks coach Matt Flinn at the Basketball Tasmania NBL Blitz clinic.

“You never graduate from a skill.” – Respected USA Under 17 head coach Don Showalter in his clinic at Newington College in February

Showalter on the four key elements on player development –

  • It is long term – coaches need to understand this
  • Teach in progression – allows for success
  • Repetition – explain, repetition, correct, repeat
  • Make it fun

“Its one thing to be a pro, its another thing to commit to a pro’s work.” – CJ Bruton at the Basketball Queensland Coaches Weekend.

“Don’t let fouls called or not called impact your practice.” – Nathan Brereton on his reflections from a visit to COE program

“Learn it one day, teach it the next. As a mentor, have the courage to share your experiences and unpack your philosophy around the sport.” – Peter Lonergan on the value of mentoring.

“Basketball today is at its most exciting. Athletic, intelligent, passionate players all around the world are making the quality of the game outstanding, and the ability to succeed the most difficult.” – Basketball Victoria Country High Performance Coach Nathan Cooper-Brown on decision making.

Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence Women’s Head Coach Kristen Veal on questioning –

  1. The WHAT questions – What did you do? What was hard about that? What did you see? What worked?
  2. The HOW questions – How did you do that? How did we get that outcome? How did she get that wide open shot?
  3. The WHY questions – Why did we do it that way? Why did that work/didn’t work? Why are we doing this?

There have been so many outstanding clinics and presentations during 2019 and these are come snippets from some of the sharing that local and international coaches have provided. We look forward to working with our State and Territory associations to provide further such opportunities win 2020.


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