Aussie Hoops and Community Coach Course Now ONLINE

Posted on May 03 2022

Basketball Australia is excited to launch the first of its new suite of online Coach Education for aspiring Basketball Coaches across the country. As of today coaches, old and new, young and old can sign up and gain an online coaching accreditation through the two new courses made up of 6 different modules jam packed with new videos and informative learning. The Aussie Hoops and Community Coaching Online courses are now live and FREE to complete.

This is just the first step in an ongoing commitment to improving and providing more Coach Education Opportunities in partnership with the States and Territories. Coming later in 2022 the Club Coach course will be relaunched in a similar manner with a new and improved online learning resource. Off shooting from our 3 main accreditations will be a series of modules designed to provide ongoing education for coaches and encourage them to not only develop themselves on but also off the Basketball court.

Basketball Australia’s approach to education at the Community and Club level can be broken down into 3 specific stages.





The launch of the Aussie Hoops and Community courses today is the first step in our Learning Online portfolio and alongside that there will be resources provided to the States and Territories to link any practical sessions they do at that level to the new content in the online course. These levels will grow and evolve as the Club Coach Course moves online later in 2022 and the various new learning modules. Our aim is to create flexible coaches whose approach is to tell the players what they want them to do but not rigidly how to do it.  These coaches will use ‘teaching points’ to guide the player to finding success in executing skills and concepts.

The move to providing new and improved online content will allow participants to learn at their own pace and retain information better as a result. It also provides a permanent resource that a candidate can go back to and refer to in times of need. The system will also hold all your qualifications in one place and allow you to provide a club or school with your Coaching qualifications at the click of a button

The last step of our Education pathway is “Learning Together”.

“Great coaches don’t have all the answers but they ask great questions.”

This is a new aspect to our education programs and replaces the submission of information (such as practice plans or written exams) that existed in some of our courses.

The purpose of the reflective session is for the candidate to have had some time ‘plying their trade’ so that they now have context and experience to draw from.  These experiences allow the candidate to ask questions and enter discussions with the context of what they actually found difficult.

The sessions also enable candidates to establish a supporting network of people at the same level as them, particularly as the sessions may include coaches that they did not do the on-court session with.

The option to register for a “Learning Together” session will become available upon completion of the online modules at each level.

To sign up for one of the courses, find your State and Territory below and click on the relevant link.

NOTE: Please note the system processes all registration every 15 minutes (e.g. 2pm, 2.15, 2.30, 2,45, 3.00) so if the link doesn’t arrive in your inbox immediately that is why.

Aussie Hoops Coaching Course (ACT)

Aussie Hoops Coaching Course (NSW)

Aussie Hoops Coaching Course (NT)

Aussie Hoops Coaching Course (QLD)

Aussie Hoops Coaching Course (SA Country)

Aussie Hoops Coaching Course (SA Metro)          

Aussie Hoops Coaching Course (TAS)

Aussie Hoops Coaching Course (VIC)

Aussie Hoops Coaching Course (WA)      


Community Coaching Course (ACT)

Community Coaching Course (NSW)

Community Coaching Course (NT)           

Community Coaching Course (QLD)

Community Coaching Course (SA Country)

Community Coaching Course (SA Metro)

Community Coaching Course  (TAS)

Community Coaching Course with Practical Component (VIC)

Community Coaching Course (WA)

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