Centre of Excellence Shooting and Movement Drills

Posted on Aug 26 2020

Coaches are always looking for ideas to implement movement and basketball specific actions into their individual and team shooting drills.

Thanks to the coaches at the Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence Women’s program, who have pieced together a series of shooting drills that incorporate game movements and link some concept development with the shooting.

This series of drills covers 2 player, 3 player and 4 player concepts, with many adding the element of “what next” by using two basketballs and secondary movements.

Incorporating a second ball encourages players to move onto the next action or concept and assists in awareness and decision making.

Some valuable drills for teams of all ages and levels and perfect as many teams and programs return to training after the extended Covid-19 break. The drills work basketball specific movement patterns without defence, which will be valuable as young athletes return to regular training.

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