Drills & Breakdowns for Developing the 3×3 Game

Posted on Jul 28 2020

The 3×3 game continues to grow globally and is now an Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport, with pathway opportunities for players and coaches alike. The fast-paced game is great for skill development in young players, with more space and more touches.

Thanks to Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence Women’s program assistant coach Sarah Graham for looping this series of drills and small-sided games to develop both individual skills, concept awareness and prepare young players for both the 3×3 and 5v5 games.

With the increase prevalence and value of small-sided games at all levels of the sport, incorporating some 3×3 drills and breakdowns into your practice is an important tool for player development.

The other advantage of this series of drills is the players enjoy the fast-paced and continuous nature and can explore and grow creativity in their game through doing.


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