Finishing Drills BA Centre of Excellence

Posted on Oct 15 2021

The Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence program has a strong skill development focus, with the daily training environment providing the athletes the opportunity to develop their fundamental base in individual and small group settings.

Thanks to the COE Men’s program for sharing this package of adaptive finishing, incorporating platform drills and building to adaptive and contested finishing drills and breakdowns.

As teams and players return to training and competitive environments, incorporating lay-up, post and finishing drills is important as athletes look to regain their “touch” and build confidence. These drills provide some basic, adaptive ways to improve this important area of the sport.

Some aspects to consider in developing finishing skills in young players –

  • Start with the feet – stop, start, balance, pivot to gain advantage
  • Constantly coach the eyes – so often a lay-up or shot close to the basket will be missed simply because a player doesn’t look at the basket or look early enough
  • Include constraints – very rarely will a lay-up or shot close the basket be wide open, incorporate some level of distraction/contest/defence
  • Incorporate in the warm-up – Mikan series
  • Play 1 v 1


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