Passing as Part of Your Daily Practice

Posted on Aug 26 2021

Keeping with the theme around passing and its importance at all levels of offence, the Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence Men’s Program has shared some of their drills in this area.

As with any skill or concept, players will only improve if they are exposed to it as often as possible in the practice setting and there is context to the drills. Platform drills and teaching is important and there needs to be a strong blend of platform drilling, contextual practice and “games of purpose.”

With passing, coaches often shy away from this area due to a few the players will find it boring. The key here is to create a tempo to the teaching and drilling and move quickly from skill to drill to a game-like environment.

Here are some simple drills used by the Centre of Excellence Men’s program, moving from simple partner drills, to more contextual passing out of the “split, kick, extra” concept.

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