We have brought Building Better Basketball back for a second season. After the first season during lockdown on the video format we have made this one the more traditional audio format (at least initially although we do have video!).

You can find the link to download the episodes here. This should then let you have the available episodes in your podcast player and wherever you listen you should be able to subscribe!

The first 7 guests are;

Cody Royle– World renowned Coach Developer and Australian now based in Canada who talks about all his research into coach support and mentoring

Fleur McIntyre – Current Sydney Kings Assistant Coach who also has a fascinating journey to where she got to and lots of lessons from external to the court.

Jordan Ligons – An American content creator and ex College player who during lockdown was working for MOJO sport to create content for Community level parents and coaches. She has a fascinating story herself and has written and created some incredible articles on Basketball and the community.

Brooke Hepburn – Former Professional Cricketer and Junior Rep Basketballer for Tasmania, now working for Speak Up Stay Chatty, a Mental Health Charity in Tasmania specifically working with youth sports teams, parents and coaches. This is a must listen for all coaches regardless of level.

Cam Tradell – Neil is joined by Cam Tradell to talk about the new courses and resources being created by Sports Australia, the challenges of being a community coach and some tips on how you can improve yourself. Cam touches on his experiences coaching and educating coaches across the world in a number of sports and also shares some insights from some icons of Australian sport.

Peter Eddy – There is not much Peter Eddy has not seen in the world of Basketball, from Volunteer to CEO to Life Member to now being a Councilor involved in significant government decisions around the infrastructure of Basketball. Peter shares some of his tips and insights into working with volunteers, engaging with local government and creating strong and healthy clubs and associations for the betterment of the sport.

Jason Gunn – Jason is an expert in communication. A lifetime spent talking to a camera will help with that! Jason is also a passionate volunteer sports coach and has worked with a number of high performance sports teams in his native New Zealand. In this chat with Neil, Jason talks about shares his tips for unconfident communicators, how to make what you say really engaging and most of all to remove any fear of talking and sharing what you know in your head with those you want to improve

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If you have any suggestions for future guests or feedback please send us an email at neil.gray@australia.basketball


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