Style of Play

The Basketball Australia Style of Play starts with our athletes.

Australian players…

  • Are great defenders;
  • Are in great physical shape;
  • Are assertive;
  • Compete with relentless persistence;
  • Are “WE” players;
  • Can handle adversity; and
  • Are flexible.

If you are ever to visit Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence at the Australian Institute of Sport, these values adorn the rafters above the training courts as a daily reminder.

Team Offence

The focus of the Basketball Australia offensive style is playing with awareness and purpose in all phases of the team’s possession.

  1. We want to establish immediate pressure on the defence as soon as we gain possession. By sustained running and attacking in transition, we want to create high percentage scoring opportunities in the first 6-8 seconds of the shot clock. This is done by sprinting lanes for lay-ups, running to create an advantage at the 3-point line or establishing an early post catch.
  2. We then look to create scoring opportunities through purposeful ball and player movement and engaging the defence to consistently defend action such as cutting, screening, post play and penetration.
  3. We want to showcase the unselfish nature of Australian players and have them work collectively and for each other to create high percentage, predictable shots.
  4. Maintaining pressure on the rim through penetration of the key is crucial in the final seconds of the possession. When a player creates a “split” of the defence, all players have an understanding of creating space and providing options in the late clock situation. Penetration under control and with purpose limits turnovers, creates good shots and allows us to rebound and transition to defence efficiently.

Team Defence

Defensively, our focus is on disruption and ensuring the offensive team is not able to operate in a rhythm or with any level of comfort. Being disruptive is not always about full court pressing or trapping, it is more a philosophy of taking the offence away from what they are most comfortable doing.

The principles of ‘pack’ positioning in the half court provide a foundation for achieving this, with the positioning of all defenders providing the base on which we build our defensive schemes and systems of play.

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