Teaching & Drilling the 2 v 1

Posted on Oct 20 2021

In the final in our series of platform decision making drills from the Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence, we look at a drill progression in teaching and developing the 2 v 1 offensive advantage.

Basketball is a game of constant 2 v 1 advantage situations and it is important to build some situational drills into your practice plans. From the basic 2 v 0 drill with constraints such as the coach as the “defender”, to more game like concepts in the half and full court, the 2 v 1 situation is a constant in our game.

The 2 v 1 setting requires ball handling, spacing, passing, catching, finishing and decision making, which are all crucial elements of the game. Having a drill progression that exposes players to various settings is important at all levels of the sport, but especially at the youth level.

Thanks to BA Centre of Excellence Men’s assistant coach Ash Arnott for putting this series together and sharing with the network.


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