Team Shooting Drills – Ash Arnott

Posted on Nov 24 2021

Basketball New South Wales recently held a series of clinics in regional centres, with Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence assistant coach Ash Arnott presenting on team shooting drills in Wagga as part of these clinics.

Thanks to Jarrod Moore and Basketball New South Wales for the spirit of sharing of both the notes below and associated video.

Introduction –

  • How to maximise your practices by getting up as many shots as you can when impacted by time and space.
  • Drills will be competitive – Clock vs. score or team
  • Short hits in between teaching & playing
  • Adapt any drill to suit your age/level:
    • For example, U12’s may be all mid-range shots
    • May be consistently hitting targets so increase score versus target
  • Most drills can be executed in the half court as an entire team, some are better to be split into two groups if a full court is available.

Drill One – Tokoyama Shooting

  • Two lines at foul line extended
  • Every athlete has ball, except for the first athlete
    • Plant inside foot
    • Legs loaded – Active hands
    • Land in your footprints

Time vs. Target

CLOCK = Two minutes

TARGET = Mid-Range – 40 Makes, Threes – 50 Makes

Drill Two – 60’s

  • 3 Lines, 3 balls
  • Rebound your own shot and pass back to the same line you came from
  • Sprint and touch opposite sideline before joining a new line (half court when lines are at top of the key)

Time vs. Target

CLOCK = 3 minutes

TARGET = Make 20 from each section (Wing, Top of the Key, Wing)

Drill Three – 3 By 5

Created from an individual drill we have used at COE

Additionally, an adaption of AIS shooting

  • Spread across the court, inside the three
  • Shoot, rebound your own shot, pass to the open shooter, relocate to a new spot

Time vs. Target

Clock = 2 minutes

TARGET = 15 Made mid-range jump shots/15 Made Off the bounce (with shot fake)/15 Made threes.

Drill 4 – Spanish Shooting

  • Every player has a ball, except for the first player who will be cutting.
  • Two lines, Baseline/Wedge line
  • You start your cut after you have made your pass.
  • IF you would like to make the drill a passing drill, have coaches defend the pass.
  • Footwork = For today’s frill, inside foot pivot for top cut, reverse pivot for baseline cut.
    • Adapt to your footwork beliefs.
    • Some coaches believe in specific foot work, others believe in just get the shot up

Time vs. Target

CLOCK = 2 Minutes

SCORE = 40 Makes

 Drill 5 – Storm Shooting

  • Better to have full court for this drill
  • Two teams, 3 balls (5 per team)
  • Give a target, so 5 players = 5 makes
  • Once you get to 5 makes, the group needs to select one player to go to the FT line to make TWO in a ROW, only has 2 shot attempts.
  • If they make both, the group yells out STORM, which = 1 point.

 Time vs. Target

CLOCK: 3 minutes

SCORE: Team with highest score wins

 Drill 6 – 75 Makes

Drill was used before every game at shoot around at Grand Canyon University, used as a barometer to see if guys were ready to play.

  • 3 Lines, 3 Balls
  • For Mid-Range = elbows & nail/ Threes Top of key & Corners

Time vs. Target

CLOCK = 4 minutes

SCORE = 75 make

Drill 7 – 6’s, 7’s, 8’s

  • Need a full court
  • Two groups but they work as a team
  • Alternate ends when shooting
  • Everyone counts together

Time vs. Target

CLOCK = 4 minutes

SCORE = 6 in a row, 7 in a row, 8 in row (when you achieve one, it’s in the bank, can’t lose it)


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