The ADC Experience & Learnings

Posted on Feb 03 2019

Jackie Brown is a former elite player in the WNBL who has made a successful transition to coaching. Wth the support of Basketball Queensland, Jackie attended the recent Australian Development Camp at the Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence and here are some of her thoughts from the camp.

Attending the Australian Development Camp for the first time was a highlight in my coaching career. Working with such talented athletes, learning from the best of the best in Australian basketball in such a professional environment has increased my hunger and desire for learning.

Such an experience has opened my eyes to the commitment, dedication and professionalism that is required from both coaches and player striving for that opportunity to wear the Green and Gold. I left the camp with one thought in mind, “I am going to do what it takes to be better tomorrow than I was today”.

On returning from the camp, I am about to embark on a new journey as Head Coach of the Under 18 Women’s Queensland South State team.  I am pleased that Basketball Queensland is on the same path and uses similar terminology and style of play which will enable our players to have the best opportunities to be identified on a national stage. I know now that it I want to share with fellow coaches, terminology, style of play, training habits, and that defence wins games (Be a defensive team first and foremost).

A strong theme that resonated with me and will strongly impact the way I coach is the notion that “Less is more”. I learnt and was guilty myself of coaching too much. We do not need to be that dictator, but rather empower and inspire confidence in the athletes to explore and drive learning.

Interact, asks questions, listen to the athletes and let them be problem solvers rather than always providing the answers. This, in my mind helps them become better decision makers and creates a more efficient and open learning environment.  I am excited for the challenge and watching the athletes feel a sense of empowerment.

After all, as coaches we want to extract change. The camp proved to me that by knowing and using the athlete’s names, building a relationship, asking the right questions and creating such an open learning environment you can create change.

I am so grateful for the opportunity.


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