The Power of the Clinic – Sharing and Learning

Posted on Dec 05 2019

Coaches clinics are a key part of learning and development at all levels and continue to provide Australian coaches with a wide range of professional development & growth opportunities across a wide range of topics and settings.

In 2019, the State and Territory basketball associations and Basketball Australia presented more than 50 clinics for coaches, with some 2500 coaches taking the opportunity to listen and learn from experienced national, professional and international coaches in both metropolitan and regional areas.

From the international guest such as US coaching legend Don Showalter to NBA shooting coach Dave Love, to National team coaches to leaders from WNBL and NBL, senior coaches have been generous in sharing information and growing the game.

With the ease of access to digital resources such as video and notes, the impact of clinics has never been higher, with the State/Territory associations sharing information through social media and on-line platforms to tackle the tyranny of distance and accessibility to coaches. Local associations are also valuing clinics and many have hosted guest coaches to support, educate and help their volunteer coaches.

Clinics are a great way for coaches to learn new teaching methods, stay in touch with the latest tactics and “steal” some drills to add to their next practice. The value in attending clinics is often the small teaching cues or phrases a coach uses, with the elite coaches so good at being efficient with their language and terminology.

But the other value for coaches in the clinic setting is in the presenting. The old adage of “learn it one day, teach it the next” rings true and often the best way to imbed new knowledge is to share it with others.

Coaching is communication and being able to impart knowledge. While standing in front of a group of coaching colleagues may at times be daunting, presenting coaching clinics is a great way to refine your message, build detail into your teaching and organise the way in which you share or impart knowledge.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and presenting a coaches clinic is valuable professional development for any coach. It may be sharing some new drills or concepts with a group of coaches from your club or presenting on your favourite topic in your association’s monthly coaching meeting. The value in having to formulate your intellectual process, plan how to deliver the information in a succinct and engaging fashion is worth the investment and overcoming any nerves or trepidation.

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained and the coaches clinic setting is a great one to refine your efficiency of language and ability to engage the group. The skills developed in this setting will help you on the practice court with your team and in games, as you continue to build and work at the craft of communication.

The platform has a host of video links to clinics at all levels of the sport, so take some time to watch some of the very best and think about how you can take the step of sharing your knowledge with coaching colleagues.




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