Building Your Team Defence – National Performance Camp Session

Posted on Feb 15 2020

At the recent National Performance Camp in Canberra, Australian Opals assistant coach Paul Goriss led a session on defensive fundamentals and concepts. The University of Canberra Capital championship mentor took the young players through a series of drills and breakdowns that help the Opals continue to be one of the elite defensive teams in the world.

The session included the key teaching points on containment and close-out footwork, changing stance and help positioning. This video provides coaches at all levels with some valuable drills and teaching breakdowns to improve their team’s defence. This was a camp session not a clinic, so Coach was not mic’d up for sound. However, the video does provide some good detail on defensive drills and concepts.

Thanks to Coach Goriss for his time at the camp and to the outstanding young athletes who attended the inaugural NPC.


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