Dirk Nowitzki – Shooting Clinic- Melbourne

Posted on Jan 10 2023

Thanks to Dirk Nowitzki @swish41 for making the trip down under and to @ChrisAnstey13 for inviting coaches to observe at this mornings shooting clinic. Here are some quick notes from the Euro greats session on shooting.

Shot is never a finished product. Hard work and repetition. Always working to find the rhythm or keep the rhythm. There isn’t one way to shoot the ball

Dirks keys to shooting

  • Feet as wide as shoulders- strong base
  • Eyes on the rim- burn a hole in the front of the rim. Don’t follow the ball
  • Always have two fingers leave the ball last. Train tracks. Good shooters miss short or long not left or right.
  • Don’t hold your breath as you shoot because you can’t get long. Breathe in as you shoot
  • Have elbow showing on target
  • If you miss a couple get closer. Get rhythm and confidence and head back out.
  • The Fade Away- use the momentum of the bump to take long step back for good look at basket. Focus as you turn around is to look at the hoop as quick as possible for best success.

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