Drills & Concepts in the Drive and Kick Game

Posted on Sep 28 2020

As part of the overall skill and concept development of our emerging young athletes, the Basketball Australia Centre of Excellence works on a variety of aspects of the international game and continue to build on ways to provide players with heightened understanding of the tools required to play at the next level.

Part of this is continually linking concepts from the Basketball Australia Style of Play, which is used throughout the National Performance Program nationally to assist young players develop the skill and understanding to compete in the rigours of the international game.

The concept of “split, kick, extra” is key in the overall offensive style of play and some areas of this were covered in this previous article

Thanks to the coaches from the Centre of Excellence Men’s program, this video outlines a series of drills and progressions that coaches can use to build the skill and understanding in their players. The drills build from simple shooting drills, to concepts in offensive movement to small-sided games that help embed the learning.

Some key elements of these multi-faceted drills include –

  • the importance of spacing
  • the ability to pivot and play on balance at the end of penetration
  • passing skills on both sides of the body
  • purposeful movement off dribble penetration
  • shooting and finishing

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