Observations from National Performance Camp Coaches Seminar

Posted on Feb 11 2020

The Basketball Australia National Performance Camp was held at BA Centre of Excellence in January. As part of the camp, the coaches attended a seminar on trends in the international game. Here are some observations from the seminar.

Observations from the 2019 FIBA World Cup

Adam Caporn – Basketball Australian Centre of Excellence Men’s Coach and Australian Boomers Assistant Coach

 Offence –

  • Movement into middle pick & roll to get the ball in the hands of your best playmaker on dominant hand
  • High “Gets” (stationary hand-off) action with big and best playmaker was a predominant action
  • “Gets” as the pressure release for overt ball pressure on handler
  • Use of strategic denial to compliment the pack
  • Action to position shooting around the playmaker in MPR
  • Importance of teaching screening and consider this in the talent identification
  • As soon the screener forces the defender to change the line, screener sprint out of it
  • Consider the role of the screener as a facilitator
  • Cutters are very disciplined with their cuts, both off away screens and cutting off “gets” – timing and patience
  • Use of pick and roll as a decoy for a playmaker
  • Value of strength in traffic under physical presence – decision making
  • Elite bigs can play-make on the roll/short roll
  • Shooting remains the master skill
  • Post as a passer and facilitator to create offence

Defence –

  • Pick and roll defence – key strategy was to disrupt teams getting to the pick and roll
  • Use of mush/drops as the predominant strategy against pick and roll, late switching when required
  • Defensive transition – bigs rebound, above foul line get back, corners run through the elbow on way back

Observations from the FIBA Under 19 Women’s World Championships and World University Games

Peter Lonergan – Basketball Australia Director of High Performance Coach Development

Offence –

  • Shooting remains an area of deficiency and needs to be continually taught, drilled and emphasised at all levels
  • Australia lead the U19 Championships in 3-point percentage at just 29%
  • Free throw shooting – only two teams at the U19 event above 70%
  • Extensive use of the high post entry at both the U19 and WUG tournaments
  • High post catches into “Gets” action common action
  • WUG more transition game, U19 was played very much in the half-court setting
  • Pick and roll still prevalent – more out of Horns than “drags” or in broken play
  • European teams more use of ball screens in the middle third of the floor
  • Elite players had the ability to shoot the jump shot off the dribble
  • Mid-range game more prevalent in the women’s game and needs to be developed, particularly in the pick and roll setting
  • More use of the flare screen – Korea and Japan using the flare screen as the “finish” to possessions as the defence shrinks the floor late in the shot clock
  • Offensive rebounding an important element – medal teams all had ability to create second shots and sent minimum to the glass at all times
  • Big wings went to the glass consistently

Defence –

  • Extensive use of zone in both the U19 and WUG
  • Changing defence and use of defensive schemes common across both tournaments
  • Man to man was predominantly pack/containment focused more than pressure
  • The elite teams in both events had a better blend of denial pressure and disruption schemes
  • Elite guards able to apply consistent, overt ball pressure without fouling
  • More hard show against the pick and roll
  • Use of switching in the man to man setting
  • More half-court traps and disruption strategies than full court press

Other –

  • Both Gems (silver medal) and World University Games (gold) did an excellent job in the execution of the scout at the defensive end, disrupting main actions
  • The Australian teams grew through the tournament at both events and played their best games in the quarters, semis and medal games – product of effective use of in-tournament practice and use of video for review and game planning

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